How to Scan and Submit Your Tickets and Certificates

In order to successfully complete the Traffic Diversion Program, you will need to submit electronic versions (i.e., photographs or scans) of your ticket(s), and later on, the certificate you receive when you successfully complete your defensive driving course.

At a traffic stop, you receive ticket(s) in paper format. We cannot accept paper copies of your tickets. You have several options for converting tickets into electronic format:

  1. Use a scanner attached to a desktop or laptop computer. By scanning your ticket(s), you can convert them to JPG or PDF format, save them on your computer’s hard drive, and then upload them on the form when asked to do so.
  2. Take a picture with a digital camera. Use a digital camera to snap a clear photograph of your ticket(s).
    • Place one ticket at a time on a flat surface
    • Hold the camera directly above the ticket when taking your picture(s)
      • The entire ticket must be visible in the photograph
    • Photograph only one ticket at a time. Repeat these steps for each ticket.
      • The registration form allows you to upload multiple files.
    • When taking the photograph(s), make sure the lighting is sufficient to allow the district attorney to view the entire ticket clearly. Incomplete or illegible images may disqualify you from participating in the Traffic Diversion Program.
    • Acceptable formats for your images include: PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF
  3. Use your mobile device to take a photograph. If your tablet or smartphone has a camera, you can use this device to take pictures of your ticket(s).
    • Follow the instructions for digital cameras (see #2 above), but there is one additional step required.
    • If you are using a computer (as opposed to a smartphone or tablet) to register for the Traffic Diversion Program, you must email the image(s) of your ticket(s) from your mobile device to your computer in order to be able to use the photographs in the registration process. When the email containing the image(s) arrives, save the photographs onto your hard drive. We recommend saving them to your computer’s desktop so they can be found easily. Keep these images safe until your case has been resolved.
    • When you reach the point in the registration process that requires you to upload your ticket image(s), simply click the button, search for the image(s), and upload the file. If you have more than one ticket, repeat this process until you have uploaded an image for each ticket.
    • If you are using a mobile device for the entire registration process, your ticket image(s) can be accessed from your smartphone’s image gallery.
  4. Use a Mobile Device Scanning App. There are a number of apps available for mobile devices that will allow you to use your phone as a digital scanner. You are welcome to use them, provided the resulting images are legible and complete. Please be aware that some of these apps may require a purchase fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Diversion Management at 866.250.6050.