Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my ticket before I register for the traffic diversion program?

If you lose your ticket, you can contact the court clerk in the municipality where the violation occurred. They will be able to send you a replacement copy.

How do I find out additional information about the program?

For general information like how to pay or where to find a course, email us at or call the Diversion Connect office at 866.250.6050.

How do I register for the Diversion Program?

You can register by completing the on-line form on this website.

How do I know if I have been accepted into the program?

If you were told about the Diversion Program by an ADA at your traffic court arraignment, then you have been prequalified and will most likely be accepted. You should proceed as such.

If for any reason you’re found to be ineligible, we will notify you by email, if you have provided that information on your registration. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please call our office at 866.250.6050.

How do I find qualified Defensive Driving courses?

You can see a listing of approved courses by visiting the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website. Here you can review course providers and register to take a course. Courses are available online or in-person and you may take them either way. The Diversion Program fee does not include the cost of the course. That is your responsibility. Once completed, you can send us your completion certificate using our upload form.

Once the document is received, completion notification will be sent to the court.

Do I take the course at the Court house or at the District Attorney’s office?

NO. Courses are offered online and at some community college or public locations. Check individual course locations at each course-giver website.

Once completed, use our online form to submit the certiticate of completion.

Does the application fee include the cost of the course?

No. The course cost is extra and is your responsibility.

If I took a Defensive Driving course before getting my ticket, can I use that certificate?

You can not use a Defensive Driving course certificate of completion dated prior to the date your violation occurred. You will need to take the course again.

Do I need to attend future court dates? How do I know?

If you complete your course and submit the certificate within the time specified by the court, there is no need to attend any future court dates. As soon as your application and fee are received, the court will be contacted. They will adjourn your case to give you time to complete your course (usually about 60 days).

Can I apply for Traffic Reduction instead?

Yes.  You can apply by going to this link and filling out the application that then needs to be sent directly to the Steuben County District Attorney’s office.

Do I qualify if I have a Learner’s permit?

Yes, most jurisdictions accept drivers with permits and junior licenses, as long as they have valid automobile insurance in effect.

Do I qualify if I have a CDL?

If you were driving a commercial vehicle at the time you received a ticket, you are not eligible for diversion.  If you have a CDL and were ticketed while driving a non-commercial vehicle, you can apply for diversion.

What happens if I get another ticket while I’m participating in the program?

You will still be allowed to complete the program for this ticket because you were eligible prior to receiving your most recent ticket(s). Check the website for the jurisdiction where you received your ticket for specific eligibility information.

My court date is soon, what do I do?

You need to apply for and be accepted in the diversion program at least 5 days before your next court date.

What is the advantage of choosing to complete this program instead of taking a plea in court?

If you take a plea in court you will be required to pay the fine for your offense and an $85 New York State surcharge. In addition, you will acquire points on your license and this conviction will appear on your driving record.

If you choose to participate in this program, the DA will dismiss your ticket completely upon the successful completion of your defensive driving course. You will not acquire any points on your license and no conviction will appear on your driving record. In addition, you may be eligible for a reduction in your insurance cost after completing the required defensive driving course.